Sex And Death ~ The Two Biggest Achievements On Our Resume

The act of sex asserts our immortality with its capacity to create more existence. The act of death asserts our mortality with its destiny to cease existing. In between the two is what we call life.

Trouble is we never quite understand our lives as wisely as we would like. We are subject to so many problems and failures without explanation, at the same time so many joys and vindications also without explanation. Things, good and bad, just keep happening. Which is why we have always looked for ‘explainers’ in our lives: gods, astrologers, priests, Fox News, The National Enquirer.

Have you ever heard a cancer patient say something like: “I’d rather die with cancer than of cancer.” I’ve said it a time or two myself, because our bodies all have the pre-conditions for the disease, but that is painfully different than dealing with it once it has become active. But how do we know pre- conditions shift into an actual condition? Oncologists will admit the only sure time is after death in an autopsy!

When you think about it, it’s we are constantly engaged in autopsies or explanations of one kind or another throughout much of our lives, careers, relationships. From the inebriated morning-after when you hunch over your coffee wondering what the hell you said to her or him last night that went so wrong….to the latest college anthropology course which is now able to explain what people like Marco Polo and Columbus achieved that even they never realized at the time.

Does any of this remind you of that last wake you attended where some of the visitors were explaining things about your dear friend you neither knew nor understood? Or what about that final novel chapter where suddenly everything clears and makes sense?

Sex and death. Existence and explanation. Is there more….?

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