Latest City Crime Wave -- The Criminally Handicapped

Have you noticed…crime comes in all sizes, shapes and styles. But what’s with the 700,000 Illinois drivers with handicapped cards? Lately many of us have officially become criminals. We accept these cards when our doctors say we require them, but damn few ever return them when the disability has ended.

Okay, so not a world-burner, but isn’t this a microcosm of what’s been wrong with us ever since we snatched that first apple? This passion for taking what I want…what I deserve…what I’m absolutely sure is my right. At root, a jungle instinct which thousands of years of civilization has never quite quenched.

So we create laws. law enforcement. courts. prisons. surveillance. and gated communities. But it turns out crimes breed just as fast as the laws passed to contain them. Like they say, crime kings like Al Capone could have been corporate titans if they ever put their genius to work on the right side of the law. [That supposes there is actually a difference between the sides].

Here’s the funny thing about human history. It shows two parallel trajectories — the story of our sinners and the story of our saints. The saints always seem to be saying to the sinners we should follow our laws, our better angels, our spiritual selves. You know, religionists who speak of a first-cause-higher- power to our universe. On the other hand, some evolutionary biologists have continued to uncover genes and memes to explain us instead. Both seeking the truth, one finds it somewhere outside our being while the other finds it only somewhere within.

I don’t imagine many of us criminally handicapped drivers will be meditating on such matters as next we look for a parking space. Look there’s one now! It’s mine!

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