Is There A Punchline To Genesis....? If So I Think It's This

I start with the Bible’s Genesis here, but it could just as well be Darwin’s Evolution. Wherever you choose to start the story of life, the story doesn’t take long to get messy and disappointing. What begins with awe inevitably downshifts into what looks like a failed experiment. Humanity and what we’ve done with our lives is pockmarked with so very many poor choices along the way.

In the metaphorical version it’s the apple and subsequent Fall of Man. In the evolutionary version it’s the string of mutations that have allowed our species to develop with disease, deformity and delusion. Either plot seems to read like a Gothic novel in which the protagonists — you and me — have really screwed things up. I’m guessing neither Yahweh nor Darwin would disagree.

The punchline….?

Assuming either or both had a sense of humor when all this started, the punchline to us might all come down to this: “You’re the circus in town. You’re here to entertain me. Your existential raison d’etre is simply me.”

No philosopher nor theologian, I am simply groping my way to some kind of explanation for our mess on this planet lo these many millennium. If at one time we thought our purpose was “to live in the image and likeness of our god” or it was “to evolve into some higher genetic vision,” one night watching the network news is enough to disavow you of such noble thoughts.

Does that mean our species is nothing more than a joke? Could be. Still, jokes and jousters still have their place in our lives. Consider the Sunday Comics…TV cartoons….standup comedians…late-night shows….oh and especially your goofy little kitten or puppy who when they romp around your feet seem to me to be giggling: “If I seem silly, you oughta see you.”

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