I Walk By Night. When Darkness Comes, Do You

I walk by night in this city….

During the day there are things to do; but at night, as the black canopy slides over Chicago’s skyline, there are things to think. Otherwise madness. The mind and heart need to purge themself of the day’s doings. Else we become only the frenzied product more than the producer of all that has gone before.

Minds and hearts have options in the night. Some to drink, some to read, some to hide, even others to pray. The essential however is always the same. How to reassemble the scattered puzzle pieces of the last 24 hours into a picture. A theme. A reason for having been here.

The traditional raisons d-etre have always been the same. Power. Profit. Prestige. All those things that in the glare of the day appear so very very important. But at night — stripped of the glare and the glory of doing — remains the nagging question: Why?

Living in an extraordinary age of How’s [living with science & technology], the ancient philosophical age of Why’s [living with the transcendent] has lost ground. More correctly, it has given up ground. Which is why the night is a good time to start again. To start asking ourselves and our society if simply being-able-to-it is enough rationale for actually doing it.

Now that could be about the dumbest or hardest question [your choice!] any whip-smart innovator in Silcon Valley could ever ask them self….

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