Here's A Proposition ~ Less Mr Spock, More Man From LaMancha

Star Trek’s Mr Spock personifies what’s admired in the modern West: the cool, rational mind. Old Spain’s LaMancha personifies what’s doubted in the modern West: the florid, passionate heart. One uses the left brain to cut to the cognitive core of an issue, rendering it a problem-to-be-solved. The other uses the right brain to wander toward the affective core of an issue, rendering it a mystery-to-be-lived. Spock rejects mysteries as an excuse not to find answers; LaMancha embraces mysteries as distant callings he must march out and meet.

Each represents a part of the human species as it travels the centuries in search of a fulfilled life. Each takes a different geography, neither one exactly right or wrong. It’s a choice, really, if we reflect on it. Of course many never bother to reflect, simply react as seems best for them at the time. Captain Kirk appears to understand Spock a bit better than the other way around, for Kirk never apologizes for his feelings whereas his Vulcan friend usually puzzles at his as “interesting?”

In our current investigative climate, researchers seem focused on isolating what they call the physical genes and cognitive memes that are at work in us. And yes such investigation is very “interesting.” Only let this LaMancha fan offer you a proposition. Once you neatly break down some important Whole in your life into its essential Parts, isn’t there the danger of being left only with Parts?

Something like the Mona Lisa, The David or maybe the Statue of Liberty when they were being packed for shipment. There’s always the danger of opening them up to only their isolated parts, perhaps never remembering quite how they go back together again.

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