Be Honest ~ Which One Do You See In Your Sunrise

Each sunrise comes at a slightly different point on our clocks, but whenever it comes it surely points to the same thing: Possibilities!

Even after or perhaps especially after a restless sleep, the seeping reds and purples in the distant sky hint at a new palette of possibilities. A new chance to try that again. It’s no accident the philosophers advise us that hope is last virtue a person can afford to lose.

Hope doesn’t always come easily. From the slave quarters of the Old South to the concentration camps of WWII, all the way to the Chicago Cubs of Wrigley Field, hope of all kinds erodes the longer it is deferred. Still, life seems to stamp an expiration date on our hopelessness every 24 hours. Often without any evidence, the heart leaps every sunrise just enough to infuse last night’s despair with the glimmer of possibilities.

Now comes the question: Why?

Perhaps there are two categories of answer. One, evolution has programmed us to hope; two, God has programmed us to hope.

Using evolution we might conclude that we like all species are p[programmed to seek greater fitness in order to achieve greater survival. So like the slug automatically turns to food and away from light, humanity turns to hope and away from despair.

Using God we might conclude that we were created from out of a parent kind of love, so even the most discouraged of us can’t help feeling some hope under pressure. The hope that derives from knowing you are a product of love.

Oh, one more thing. In measuring our hope-index we needn’t have to choose between the workings of Evolution OR God. Isn’t it really the workings of BOTH? Evolution has programmed us from its start, even as itself has been programmed from the start of the start.


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