At Last ~ The Truth To The Taste Of A Big Mac

I know a little about MacDonalds from the inside. Used to write the executive speeches given at their national sales conferences in Vegas. Good men…good audiences….and I’d like to think pretty good speeches. But the truth of the matter here is what’s true of all corporate America…

…it speaks with only one motive: The bottom line!

This week we witness yet another case in which corporate profit trumps any motivational speeches about making a better product, serving the customer, reaching for the stars. Come on, folks, international corporations are not in business to make this a better world. Which is why it should be no surprise the Big Mac is now coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam — the same vicious enemy state in which we lost over 50,000 young lives and watched us tear in half? Yeah, that Vietnam. And yet how can it be that only 50 years ago its fighters were our nation’s greatest existential threat, but now we see them as promising customers? How is what we hated so passionately we now lure so ambitiously? How can the wounded lives of our GIs be dishonored so cheaply?

Well now lets get something straight. Those are just words. Lovely words but — like those in speeches — they may have little to do with what counts. The bottom line, pal, the bottom line. Frankly it’s changed more lives and nations and history than any Bible or Koran ever has.

My point? Nothing new here fellow burger fans. Simply trying to put our corporations, our democracy and our speeches in honest perspective.

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