101 Apps ~ Selling You Speed But Look How It's Stealing Your Time

Fastest growing market today….? Not oil or fracking or health care or even social media. It’s the spectacular glut of new apps out there. And the amazing way they speed up our world. You want instant results on news, stats, stocks, movies, videoclips and gossip reports…? There’s an app for that!

Their costs are coming way down. But only in price. Their cost in time is going way up. What that means is our wondrous apps are in fact sucking some of the time out of our lives, all in the name of speed. You see, when you want to get somewhere fast, what do you have to sacrifice? Time. The time it used to take you to get from Now to Next.

Speed like this is perfectly fine when you’re in a hurry. However, should everything we do be in a hurry? Reading/ writing? investing? listening to music? eating a meal? having sex? taking a vacation? Some things should be savored, otherwise life is all destinations without journeys.

I don’t imagine many if any smartphone aficionados go into a store rummaging around for apps that are marked ‘slow’ or leisurel, but I suspect it might be a helleva of a marketing gimmick. You know, something you can pick up for $99 that will throttle back that toll road you’re on. Will maneuver you into the slow lane from where you can, yep, really see and smell the roses that have been there all along.

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