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See Here ~ If You Stand For Nothing, You'll Fall For Anything

The shrug has become the great American past time. It goes by the name “tolerance,” but just maybe it means “I don’t care that much.” In ages when people fought, bled and died for what they considered great causes, there was much too much fighting, bleeding and dying. Among today’s more educated generations, that’s seen... Read more »

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is Fairest Of Us All

People spend a great deal of time studying their mirror. Gazing and hoping, squinting and despairing. There’s not a dermatologist or a paparazzi who will tell you they know anyone who likes themselves just as they are in that mirror. From Cleopatra to Angeline, from Achilles to Brad, everyone has something they’d like to change.... Read more »

About Those Stories "Ripped From The Headlines"

When the program or movie is billed as “ripped from the headlines,” it’s your clue the plot you’re about to see is fictionalized fact. A story that has something to do with what the media was covering just last bloody year from the streets of Detroit or Cairo. And understanding this is important why…? In... Read more »

Coming To A Theater Near You ~ "Parting Today's Red Sea"

I’m not sure how Moses or his 20th C stand-in Charlton Heston felt when they parted the ancient Red Sea. Then I think of the many modern Red Seas separating us from the promises of a better land. Great metaphorical rushes of water deep enough to swamp our best efforts. For instance I’m thinking of... Read more »

Be Honest ~ Which One Do You See In Your Sunrise

Each sunrise comes at a slightly different point on our clocks, but whenever it comes it surely points to the same thing: Possibilities! Even after or perhaps especially after a restless sleep, the seeping reds and purples in the distant sky hint at a new palette of possibilities. A new chance to try that again.... Read more »

Is There A Punchline To Genesis....? If So I Think It's This

I start with the Bible’s Genesis here, but it could just as well be Darwin’s Evolution. Wherever you choose to start the story of life, the story doesn’t take long to get messy and disappointing. What begins with awe inevitably downshifts into what looks like a failed experiment. Humanity and what we’ve done with our... Read more »

Here's A Proposition ~ Less Mr Spock, More Man From LaMancha

Star Trek’s Mr Spock personifies what’s admired in the modern West: the cool, rational mind. Old Spain’s LaMancha personifies what’s doubted in the modern West: the florid, passionate heart. One uses the left brain to cut to the cognitive core of an issue, rendering it a problem-to-be-solved. The other uses the right brain to wander... Read more »

What The Nazis Learned From Notre Dame

In just a few weeks, football will begin in schools like Notre Dame. Where, along with the helmets and pads, come the marching and singing. All part of the power and pageantry of American college football. Military warriors have been marching and singing together for centuries. A powerful way to work up to a battle... Read more »

If You Hate Exercise Like I Do >>>>

If vigorous exercise is not your thing [it turns out most Americans shun it] you like me will wonder about what’s going on in the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida. They’ve come up with a compound they say may someday replace physical exercise. You know — pop a pill and grow a muscle! I... Read more »

How Our Casting Directors Are Killing Our Democracy

It’s been said 90% of a good film or TV episode depends on who is cast in the parts. The files of casting directors store hundreds of faces that have “that look” your cameras need to help tell your tale. Faces that instantly portray innocence or cunning….kindness or hatred…maternal instinct or killer instinct. The image... Read more »