What I Discovered Tucked Inside The Back Seat Of An SUV

My world, like yours, is peppered with little opportunities of discovery. For instance, every time I run into a Rap music station or tune into a Fox news panel, I’m jolted into wondering if we’re still on the same planet. Usually though, most of my discoveries are of a quieter nature. Take the back seat of an SUV.

Tucked in there for any extended trip, I’ve discovered some of what makes this little motorized cubicle such a giggly delight for kids under 12. [Over 12 they become adolescents, and as of this point there is more angst than delight; to SUVs in particular and life in general]. My son was driving Joan and me through the green summer roadways of Martha’s Vineyard. Outside was the passing scenery of this fabled spit of Atlantic Ocean land; but it was inside where the discoveries tumbled one over another ~

* The inexplicable sense of security when someone else is responsible for driving through traffic, tracking directions, and being in charge of the overall safety of the passengers. [Being father of the family for so long, there is joy in occasionally passing the mantle to your offspring]

* There is also an I-can-see-you game you can play from back there, for if you angle yourself just right, you can see into the cars of others without letting them see you. [No wonder the kids were always laughing and squealing back there, because there’s nothing quite like peeping without being caught]

* Then when you weary of these diversions there is the additional discovery of all those digital delights that go with today’s SUV — TV monitor, CD deck, Kindle, smartphone and assorted other electronic whims that can distract the restless passenger. [On the downside, passengers have been known to travel thousands of miles across the glories of America without every once actually getting out of the SUV]

Lucy of PEANUTS fame was trying to explain to Charlie Brown what security meant. She must have been thinking SUV when she defined it with a metaphoric eloquence unmatched. “Charlie Brown, security is falling asleep in the back seat of your dad’s car, then waking up all tucked inside your own bed….”

Even at my age, I can’t think — or dream of — of a better definition.

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