What Goes Around Comes Around ~ But The Middle Ages??

Living in today’s fast-charging era of computers and space shuttles, the old creepy Middle Age seems fit only for creepy flicks that have to do with creepy gypsies, witches, magicians and vampires. But oh contraire, my friend. Admit it, you pay big bucks for these dazzling escapes into long ago medieval fantasy.

Prove it, you say? All right, watch me.

Just like the law of conservation of energy told us back in physics class, nothing gets wasted in this universe. That includes our past. Notice how many times Hollywood and Television revive the Egyptian pharaohs, the Roman gladiators and lately the English thrones. All pretty colorful stuff attracting big audiences. But the creepy Middle Ages of ignorance and the Black Death? Absurd!

Maybe not:

* Those absurd bands of traveling gypsies were the local population’s only form of entertainment. While the aristocrats in the nearby castle had their court jesters and players, the common folk had only the roustabouts and troubadours at the gypsy camp. We’re talking anything from geeks to fortune tellers. Low-life none of whom you’d want to bring home for Sunday dinner. But this same bawdy collection of humanity gradually evolved over the centuries into Elizabethan actors, American showboat performers, vaudeville stars, and presto! today’s show business celebrities adored wherever they set their golden feet. Quite a ride in just 500 years!

* As for the medieval witches, back then we burned them. Today we put them on network television and call it something like the ‘Housewives of New Jersey.’ What we called witches back then often appear in forms anywhere from talk show hostesses to kitchen mavens!

* As for the old medieval magicians, well by golly, these days these flashy world-changers go by such names as CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers, and US Senators. Still pulling rabbits out of their hats after they’ve taken money out of our pockets

* As for the vampires of yore, yore is back. In a big way. In old Transylvania, the locals may have seen only one or two in a lifetime. These days, vampires are everywhere. So much so, the originals would have been amazed. My goodness, instead of an outcast I’ve become a money maker at the cineplex!

So there it is. The tale of an age that just won’t die. What does that say about us and our age? Who knows, we may become the historical role models for some 25th C summer blockbuster entitled: ‘The Way They Were and Aren’t We Glad We’re Not’

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