Sorry, You Can Never Leave Your Face Behind

We’re born with only one face and it’s with us, like it or not, the rest of our lives. And yet, even while it is only one face, its visage will be experienced by a thousand people a thousand different ways. Whether just once across a crowded room, or time and time again across the years. For you see, my friend, faces were made to be experienced by each set of eyes each different way and time.

This fact slammed home the other day as I watched the film star Julie Christie from ‘Dr Zhivago.’ A classic film, and she the classic blond beauty its leading lady opposite Omar Shariff. Like millions of us, I shall always remember that face, that shimmering blond visage. But not Julie. Now almost 50 years and wrinkles later, she appears in films not in the fragile sensuality of her award-winning role as Lara, but as a woman her actual age. And let it be said she is stunning as both.

This is what struck me. When asked how she feels when she sees herself on the screen as Lara, Christie snapped: “I am no longer that person!” Which is to be sure a good answer in contrast to those fading sex goddesses say like Goldie Hawn who still dress and act as they were decades ago.

Another kind of response by other aging goddesses is the choice to simply disappear from the public eye, say like Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamar and now Doris Day. That too is a good answer for those who prefer to be remembered as they were.

But now back to Julie whose face I and countless aging men still carry with us in our heart’s pocket. Somehow I simply can’t accept her dismissal, “I am no longer that person!” Because you see, Julie, you really are! You will always be the same gossamer purity of that role lo these many years later, and you can do nothing about that. Which, speaking for movie aficionados around the world, I am lustfully delighted.

Mow this brings me to you and me. Regardless of how we feel or what we do, all the people in the world we have ever met will forever carry our visage in their minds as only they experienced it. Sorry — no editing, air-brushing or photo-shopping. Like Julie, we live on in their minds as once we were. Like they say: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression….

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