Paula Deen's N-Word Is Only One In An Entire American Lexicon

White southern belle chef Paul Deen is now fighting for her commercial life as she is publicly sued and slammed for her treatment of her African-American employees. Trouble is, Paula is just one of the many here-today-forgotten-tomorrow examples of what is a never-forgotten slavery fixation in our culture. Long ago White America decided Black Americans were mostly slave-fodder. Not unlike every culture in the world has decided about their main minority [eg. Gypsies, Tinkers, Turks, Muslims, Armenians, Coptics]

But here’s the nub of this won’t-go-away issue — either we purge our prejudices [not likely] or we make them all equal [more likely].

What I propose is we take the least idealistic but most pragmatic approach by making all our absurd national prejudices equal. That is, making them all equally offensive…equally open to being sued… equally attack-able in the media. What this means is we no longer save our most litigious moral outrage in just the case of Blacks, Jews, Rednecks and the usual suspects. From now on lets be damn sure we include those other minorities like Atheists, Catholics, Rugby fans, and other unusual suspects.

See my point…? It doesn’t try to cure prejudice; it just sorta spreads it around in the public mind so much that it finally begins to look as stupid as it really is!

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