Oh My Will You Ever Forget That Little Forever Moment? Don't Try

…nor should you want to!

After all it is the great kaleidoscopic collection of all the many moments from birth to right now that has made you the you that you are. Misplacing that collection would be like misplacing your fingerprints. You take them for granted, but without them there is less of you.

What might your moments include? Well, if anything like mine, they are probably fragments of time and place long ago. That fuzzy scene you remember when Dad scooped you up from the lake you had slipped into that summer morning…the quirky recollection of your fellow graduates joking with you on your way up to your diploma…the freeze-frame of that smoky restaurant in which you let loose of your heart and discovered someone else in the world who actually understood…the white room in which people in white were helping the two of you bring a third into the world…and that recurring moment that seems so often in your dreams where you are forever trying to reach something important but can’t.

It doesn’t take a psychotherapy session to realize you and I are a composite of all the people, places and purposes in our lives. If we are what we eat, even more we are what we lived and what we remember of what we lived. There’s no known way yet to change our past; but there is a psychic capacity to re-conjure its moments in an autobiography of our own making.

Don’t hear me wrong!

This is not to suggest we play games with truth or history. But it is to suggest we take the colloquial advice of most religions: Don’t foolishly take time to obsess about the bad stuff in your life, while mistakenly wasting time to take the good stuff for granted.

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