Listen Up June Brides, Now They're Asking You To Think Twice

Hollywood warning…! You’ll have to start re-writing all those fleshy-clinches in the last closeup where the guy finally gets Ann Hathaway or Jennifer Aniston. Because you see fellas, catching the girl and getting married ain’t what it used to be.

I don’t care what your age, race, gender or income, you’re like me. You need to hang on to some solid, won’t-give-away railings on this ship we call existence on this turbulent ocean we call life. And so it is most of us think the North Pole is north…the sun holds us in orbit…civilization is just one step ahead of chaos…there will always be another Kardashian or Paris Hilton innocuously breeding in some opulent nursery of the rich-and-famous….our Chicago Cubs will never win a World Series in our lifetime.

Another of these so-called givens or sine-qua-nons is that marriage is what every young man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman need for personal fulfillment. I got married at 21, believing this. Turns out marrying Joan I was right and the fulfillment still ticks 60 good years later.


That’s right, however the statisticians are at it again. They’ve been re-crunching the numbers and now they’re having second thoughts about marriage being good for your health and prosperity. If you’re a man, the researchers report from among 4500 subjects: “Marrying the wrong woman dramatically increases you risk of poor health.” When they asked their subjects between 20 and 80 to rate how supportive, understanding or critical their spouses were, “People with the most negative relationships were twice as likely to become clinically depressed.”

You might want to know what research team came up with these conclusions. Frankly, it probably doesn’t make one little whit of difference, because some other research team is probably working right now coming up with anly exact opposite conclusion for the reading public. Raising the question: Should we give up marriage?

Perhaps the better way to ask is: Should we give up reading?

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