Listen Up All You Sweaty, Hearty Workout Artists

The world’s charging ahead so fast, if you miss a news cycle you’ve probably missed another miracle. This latest is from our distinguished biologist corp at Harvard who have reported in The New Science they have helped make “old life like new.”

Now here’s an idea that not only intrigues researchers, but enthralls the general public. Next to becoming thinner, everyone seems to want to become younger. How do these researchers do it? They pumped young mouse blood into the heart of an old mouse. Presto! “Within a few weeks the infusion had already helped make the old heart function like new….” Not billed as a miracle but simply the creative use of blood’s protein GDF11. Wow, who knew a little ol’ protein could pack such an incredible punch!

You’ll be hearing more about this once the pharmaceutical boys get a hold of it. Before we know it, Americans will be inundated with spiffy 30 second commercials about — they’ll come up with a sexy name like ‘Tiger Blood’ — featuring air-brushed bodies of Harrison Ford and Sylvester Stallone. I can hardly wait.

However here’s what I won’t be waiting for. For these same pharmacists to begin a serious public dialog about the mixed blessings of never-growing-old. Of course, if you see and sense nothing here to debate, well you’ll probably be the first-on-your-block to try it. If so, I only hope you’ll still remember those of us still pumping ‘old blood.’ Geez, talking about a Generation Gap….!

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