Don't Cry Because It's Over ~ Smile Because It Happened

When Einstein explained time was cosmically relative, I’m not sure he didn’t also imply it was emotionally relative as well. You and I are forever aware how time seems to shorten or lengthen in our personal lives relative to each different situation. When the child is waiting for Christmas, time crawls; when the adult is leaving on vacation, time is already rushing.

What are we to do with this conundrum? the unmangeable ticks on the clocks of our lives? I suppose we do what our species has done since the very first tick with that very first bang. We learn how to accommodate to the inevitability of time.

For the politician, the celebrity or the CEO time is something you aggressively seize and use to reach your ambition’s next goal. For the farmer, the fisher or the forester time is something you patiently learn to wait for. For the Vatican, the Dali Lama or the High Rabbi, time is what you hope the world will use to catch up with your traditions.

So how are you using your time? The next 60 minutes? The next 60 years?

The question becomes especially pertinent in an age when anyone can have digital access to anything anywhere anytime. Television, Interneting, Interfacing. But before you say: “This is the greatest age of communication in history!” we would do well to ask: “What are we actually communicating?” Eleanor Roosevelt neatly put this into perspective almost 100 years ago: “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about people.”

So tell me, what engages you these days? What do you think is engaging all those commuters and pedestrians and lobby-sitters around you with their handheld smartphones? The clicking never stops. As for the communicating….well, that’s a horse of a different color. A horse, by the way, which you and I can virtually create and color any way we wish.

Which brings us back to where we started. Time and how we’re using or wasting it…………

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