You Know That Old The-End-Doesn't-Justify-The-Means Advice? Well, Forget It

Imagine it this way. Some noble Chicago Council reformers get rid of the dirty southside cops who’ve been beating confessions out of prisoners. It’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the results are a spike in crimes. The reformers’ answer is: “But the ends never justify the means.”

Christianity has always taught the same thing. Great ethics, but maybe lousy advice. Especially if you’re White and living in today’s southside. Or if you’re Christian and living in today’s Middle East.

Right about now the Ivy Leaguers in D.C. are learning how their pricey shock-and-awe wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were ends that justified damn little of the means we used there. Our invasions did us far more long-range harm than any short-term good. Because they helped topple the very secular governments who we needed to keep their population’s stewing Jihadism from boiling over.

Repressive dictators like Saddam and Mubarak turned out to be the only thing that stood between our interests in the Middle East and the millions of radical Islamists who’ve been hoping for generations to regain mastery of a region the White Christian West has held at least ever since Islam was dispatched from Europe in 1492.

Lets remember, Christianity was born in the Middle East 2000 years ago. By 1900, Christians still made up about 25% of its population. However, only one hundred years later that digure had plunged to 5%. Now with secular dictatorships swept away by US invasions and the Arab Spring, that percent continues to collapse as Christians have become the open enemy of the new rulers like Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. And then there’s the swelling ranks of radical Islamists re-populating Europe.

Something’s happening in both these turblent regions: Chicago and the Middle East. The Ivy Leaguers who triggered the Iraq invasion were thinking short term [most politicians do]. The historians who advised against uncorking that bottle were worrying long term [most historians do]. Whether it’s the Chicago Streets or the Arab Streets, it’s always a smart idea to think long term. Starting now.

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