Who Will You Be By 2045...? Iron Man 5, That's Who

They used to be called Sci-Fi Writers; now they’ve been amped up to Futurists. These are the blue-jeaned, dread-locked wizards of Silicon Valley who spin exotic yarns about where you and I will be in the years to come. Warning! simple straight-line projections based on current conditions won’t hack it. New York City tried that in 1900 when their experts projected by 2000 the city would be ankle-deep in horse-carriage manure [see the surprise entrance of a fellow named Henry Ford for details].

This is why today’s futurists take bold leaps over current realities, hypothesizing that what is is not likely to be from one generation to the next. Instead, our best-selling Futurists like Goggle’s Ray Kurzweill and physicist Lee Smolin toy with the future of computers, genetics, nanotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence. With what results….? The Singularity…!

The most ambitious of their visions of our future, by about 2045, is The Singularity of technology and biology. They see our advanced technology so vastly exceeding our human biology that by mid century there won’t be much difference between the two. Between how our bodies and our brains are intimately coupled with our computers and our robotics.

Behold Iron Man!

The Iron Man series is simply the handiest pop-culture example you can study. Where the body stops the technology begins. Each is part of the other. Both are part of each. And thus it has been achieved: The Singularity.

Are you ready for artificial intelligence hardwired into you lobes….robotic extensions to your limbs… enhanced IQ capacity for your brains….optical enlargements for your eyes? Guys my age won’t be here to see it. But most of you will. Are you ready?

Of course now having each become an Iron Man of our own, the question will then become: Are we still human or something entirely new?

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