They Say The Camera Never Lies. Oh But It Does

Admit it now.

Aren’t there times you find yourself studying your features — eyes, nose, chin — in the morning mirror? How we’d love to have some of those classic beauty statements such as the strong jaw line, the high cheek bones, the thick hair. The very same qualities Hollywood cinematographers, portrait painters, and political advisers look for in packaging their subjects for their publics.

There was a time when that’s all they could do — look for. Now, however, these same masters of the camera can go further — actually create. It means cameras today lie almost every time they’re used. These masters know how we are a visual consumer, and so they manipulate their imagery in ways neither you nor your ancestors ever dreamed. Filters, lighting, and computers are all at their ingenious command. Voila! the perfect leading man, Vassar graduate, and presidential candidate.

Right now almost anyone can become a master, what with personal cameras which shoot, show, playback and edit all in just the short time it takes us to deploy our imaginations to the great task of transforming family and friends into the gods and goddesses we wish them to be.

When you sizzle and photo-shop these photographs, well you’re playing around with reality. When the pros do it, they’re actually creating reality. Believe it! we’re operating In a digitalized age where no one can be sure what and how and who is real out there. The warnings from futurists like George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, and Rod Serling’s old ‘Twilight Zone’ no longer belong to the future. What they predicted is already part of our recent past.

Which means the next time you study yourself in the morning mirror, you may want to ask yourself: Am I what I see here or what the camera sees or is there any real difference anymore….?

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