The World Is Spinning Too Fast; How The Hell Do I Get Off

Uncle Benny always got a laugh with his, “Change is inevitable….except in a vending machine!” The truth is, change in the world really is inevitable. Especially in these digitalized days where our world literally changes as we walk in it.

If you’re young, no problem! change is all you’ve ever known. But once you pass say 35 or 40, you may begin missing the stability and safety of what you think you remember about ‘the old days.’ Frankly, though, the old days were no more stable and safe than these days, only we’re now remembering them through the golden gauze of memory. It’s human to see the past in charming, changeless pastels.

But wait a minute.

If your hangup is flailing around in a roaring vortex of today’s never-stop changes, take courage my battered friend, for it’s still true: Some things never change. Like ancient boulders buried deep in the earth, some words and ways remain fixed. solid. rigidly immovable even long after their initial value.

If its the promise of unchanging stability you’re looking for, just look at the news-of-the-day.

How many times does this morning’s front page echo a thousand front pages from before? “Electrical fire traps entire family….” “Southside gangs shoot five coming out of church…” “Cops on the take caught in sting…” Then there’s the sports page: “Ace hurler on DL for 6 weeks…” “Fans booing team losses…” “Glum manager vows we’ll play one game at a time….” Or take your editorial page: “Citizens march for pension reform…” “Citizens march for abortion rights….” “Citizens march for the right to march…”

Here’s the thing. If you’re desperately looking for refuge in the swirl of a world that won’t stop spinning off its axis, take a closer look at the daily news. Yeah, it’s always bad, but notice how it’s also stubbornly the same! There really IS something you can count on in your mad mad world.

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