Sitcom 'Two And A Half Men' Loudly Silences Its Kid-Critic

Pornography is so 24/7 available on the Internet, it has spiked into one of society’s major moral crises [well, major to Religionists, not so much to Secularists]. Right now a whopping 12% of websites are pornographic with 40 million Americans regular visitors, including 70% of 18-34 year olds [according to Cosmopolitan Magazine]

As the magazine authors put it: “Imagine an 11 year old seeing ‘Last Tango In Paris’ before their first kiss!” No surprise that fully 94% of therapists report an increase in young people addicted to porn. One bottom line conclusions: “Young males looking at porn see women more as objects than as people.” A conclusion that hardly needs many statistics to support it.

Now here’s where the story gets good. These researchers are convinced “a fixation with pornography is a brain disease which, like cigarette smoking, is reversible.”

Now here’s where a good story turns bad. Bad at least for the Religionists if not the Secularists. The research goes on to clarify: “Pornography should be understood as a brain disease and not a moral failure….” If that bray of belligerent secularism sounds like some of the dialog from the CBS hit sitcom ‘Two And Half Men,’ I think so too. When the kid playing the show’s ‘half’ recently went public with the statement, “Don’t watch this immoral program,’ he quickly lost his permanent place in the cast.

However, he won the applause of a few million parents….

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