Oh My! The Miasma Of Menstruation vs Machismo

If you’re a young American woman, here’s the good news: Women can vote, hold high office, be CEOs, fly military jets, and ready themself for the 2016 presidency. If you’re a not-so-young American man, all this may be the bad news. It’s an age of shattered glass ceilings and the national leadership of a Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton; although still marred by the male chauvinism of a Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Augusta National Country Club.

Some may call this Feminism vs Chauvinism. A rawer pair of labels might simply be Menstruation vs Machismo. Two very different conditions, but oh with so much in common!

Still rattling around the darker recesses of the male mind is this primordial unspoken assumption that women can’t hack it during menstrual periods. It’s their very biology which at least once a month pushes them to the edge. I mean, how does a menstruating woman find the the cool and calm to run a nation or an army when she’s, well ya know, a little crazy for those few days?

I’m not sure of the proper medical answer, but I am sure of the appropriate historical answer. Over the centuries, men’s innate Machismo has made them a little “crazy” for entire days and months at a time. This strutting, cock-of-the-walk arrogance has led more than one dude into absurd duels, battles, wars, and holocausts. The pages of history are drenched in the blood spilled by the Machismo of Alexanders, Xeres, Pharaohs, Emperors, Charlemagnes, Popes, Kaisers, Hitlers and Stalins. Why? Oh the record will show a hundred and one different economic and geopolitical reasons. But layered into every single one is the same schoolyard Machismo that makess little boys draw lines in the sand.

When these same little boys grow into big bravado boys like a Kim Jung, a Netanyahu, or even an otherwise rational Barack Obama to “draw red lines they warn others not to cross,” well I’m guessing the old Menstruation argument goes right out the window called logic.

So lets see. If I had the choice between a menstruating woman and a machismo man with their finger on the missile arsenal — agreed it’s not a great choice! — I’d have to go with the safer and saner of the two. Which, in turn, might mean my Brother would stop answering my phonecalls. I believe he and the other guys would say: “You just drew your own red line….!”

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