No Matter How Long Or Rich You Live, This Is The Only Power You Really Need

OK, lets say life is one of those excursions through time and space for which we all try to find a handy metaphor. A gift…a mystery…a journey…a bridge. For some, maybe, a curse. But here’s the thing. Regardless the metaphor, we all want to live it with enough power at our disposal to get through each 24 hours safe and sound.

So then ‘power’ is the name of the game…?

Yeah, I think so; but I think we each think of power in very different ways. There’s the obvious power that money and office and status gives us. [ For details study the desperate yearnings of thousands of eager would-be ‘Idols’ or the clutching hands of needy ‘groupies’] There is also the apparent power of weapons and worship. [Study the Rednecks with their rapid-repeating guns or the true-believers with their rapid-repeating prayer services].

But now, just for a clarifying moment, re-consider this whole idea of ‘power’ in your life.

Instead of all these nakedly apparent power drugs, there just may be a power at our disposal far simpler, safer, and less costly. Namely, the very stuff of life itself: Time and Space. Life consists of each, but perhaps you and I can do more with each than simply co-exist with it. I mean, that’s being far too passive. Some of us say instead: Why not actively USE each. Use this Time and Space in which we exist in order to ‘travel’ them at will.

If that sounds like a ‘Star Trek’ episode, why not! But without all the ray guns and computer screens. You see, Time and Space may still defy science, but sitting here in the sacred quiet of my room overlooking my garden, my mind has learned to travel each of these upon command. With a little focus and a lot of feeling, I am able to travel through the Time and Space that exist between me and those powerfully nourishing years of my vigorous, no-limits-youth…as well as the Time and Space between me and those creative future years in which I can vigorously envision what my life and its companions can someday be.

Sure we live in the Present; but some of us have also learned to draw upon the refreshing nourishment of our Past and the inspiring dreams of our Future. Take it from me, my friend, there’s real power in taking these trips…!

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