Here's How The One Percent Are Doing Disney These Days

Walt Disney gave the world scores of enchanting films and entertainment parks. He gifted our planet with these remarkable mini-worlds of magic and mystery for all to enjoy. So universal is their appeal, they can be found in virtually every continent and culture on earth.

But if Walt knew — and maybe he does from his special grave — what’s happening to his dream, I imagine him turning in that grave. I’m referring to that properly maligned One Percent in America whose wealth and power have grown both gross and obscene. So far above and removed from the rest of us, this privileged class is lately exceeding even its own excesses.

They call this latest arrangement: Disney Concierges!

Are you ready for this….? Wealthy families arrange to have their kids visit the Disney Parks but without-the-waiting. The One Percenters are now hiring handicapped professional stand-ins at $130/hour to pose as family members. They wait in line until just before the real family member is ready to step in. In LA, Orlando, Paris and Hong Kong. All perfectly legal, all perfectly wretched.

Now look, this is really nothing new. There have been One Percenters in every age in every nation on earth. As Jesus told us: “The poor you will always have with you.” However. he also went on to say: “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.”

Maybe just not in the Magic Kingdom of the One Percent……

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