For Some Of Us, A 5000 Year Search Could End Today

This search was the same one you engaged in during college philosophy class and campus weekend binges. Remember? The search for the meaning-of-life. By now, as a fully employed adult, no time for such wispy pursuits.

And yet.

Yet there are those times when your heart has just been broken or your relationship has just failed or your children have just misunderstood you or your boss and your world have turned their back on you. But why? What have I done to deserve this? Why are people so utterly, hopelessly unable to feel my pain or share my vision?

These are the times in which your thoughts may drift back to whatever you remember from the giants like Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas; Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Camus; or maybe Dylan, Springsteen and Lennon. You know, the seekers, the searchers, all those who had the same hankering to know the meaning-of-life.

They agreed, like you, the unexamined life is not worth living. [OK, you’ll get an argument from Joe Six Pack at the local VFW, but even he goes to bed at night with questions]. The problem is no one has ever found any one-size-fits-all answers. Neither philosopher nor novelist nor balladeer. What then to do?

Right now, right this very moment, 7 billion lives are in motion somewhere in the cities and farms and jungles of the planet. Each with such a different agenda. But there is one universal, one commonality, one reality each of us shares. Right now, even if asleep, right now each of us has this mighty much in common: We are waiting! Waiting for something just up ahead, maybe just out of reach. A job, a cure, a child, an arrival, another chance.

Whatever else we can’t share, this much we CAN. We are each in a state of waiting, of expecting, of anticipating. If nothing else, this state makes us all — pope and president, pauper and power broker, the very same. It is that simple irrefutable sameness that makes each of us open to, vulnerable to, a voice which promises an end to our searching, to our waiting. We’ve heard such voices before. We will again. Now is always the best time to listen most intently. For the next voice may at last be the one…

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