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I Have A Problem Only Those Of You Under 35 Can Help

My problem is endemic to all “elders” [define that as anywhere between 35 and death]. My problem is what you too will someday experience — the boredom of having-been-there-done-that so so many times You see, we all get accustomed to “our days” the longer away we are nudged into “new days.” I mean, our comfort... Read more »

Growing Up With The Late Great Rev. Andrew Greeley

While I’m name dropping, let me add: Bob Newhart, Hugh Hefner, Kim Novak and Johnny Lattner. As fate [destiny, kismet, luck, chance?] would have it, each of them grew up in my same westside neighborhood of Chicago. Which might raise the question: Is there anything in this little Heartland community that helped shape five such... Read more »

This Summer You've Got To Stop Leaving The Cineplex Shrugging: "It's Just A Movie!"

Here’s my point, summer movie fans. Movies matter! They always have. They are the national subconsciousness as shared by tens of millions of us who regularly get our most enduring impressions and values from what and who we’ve just seen on the screen. Critics explain this in various ways, statistically tracking the national rise or... Read more »

No Matter How Long Or Rich You Live, This Is The Only Power You Really Need

OK, lets say life is one of those excursions through time and space for which we all try to find a handy metaphor. A gift…a mystery…a journey…a bridge. For some, maybe, a curse. But here’s the thing. Regardless the metaphor, we all want to live it with enough power at our disposal to get through... Read more »

You Know That Old The-End-Doesn't-Justify-The-Means Advice? Well, Forget It

Imagine it this way. Some noble Chicago Council reformers get rid of the dirty southside cops who’ve been beating confessions out of prisoners. It’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the results are a spike in crimes. The reformers’ answer is: “But the ends never justify the means.” Christianity has always taught the same thing.... Read more »

How To Die Drip By Lonely Drip

You can find my editorial on Memorial Day in today’s Chicago Tribune [both print & digital editions] under the title “Living Legends” The good news is that in this Internet age you and I will never have to be alone again. Or maybe when you think about it, this is actually the bad news. However... Read more »

As The Saying Goes -- You-Hadda-Be-There

Today is Memorial Day…there are different ways to celebrate a national holiday…my way appears in today’s Chicago Tribune op-ed page [both print & digital editions]…under the historically correct title “Living Legends”

Blowing Bursting Bubbles

Bubbles were meant to be burst. Just gaze around and you can see them popping everywhere you look. Stock market bubbles….retail housing bubbles…pennant race bubbles. Look, my friend, we live on a swirling sea of bubbles shifting and altering all the time. It’s life. Not a charming Hallmark Card nor a lovely marble monument, life... Read more »

We Used To Say Being-Great Was Our Mission. But That Was Then, Brother, And This Is Now

Ever since we climbed down from the trees, the human race has struggled to stop struggling so much. Lately, instead of struggling 80% of our time working just to keep eating and staying safe, at long long last we’ve reached the point where we can spend more of our our time reaching out for whatever... Read more »

Here's How The One Percent Are Doing Disney These Days

Walt Disney gave the world scores of enchanting films and entertainment parks. He gifted our planet with these remarkable mini-worlds of magic and mystery for all to enjoy. So universal is their appeal, they can be found in virtually every continent and culture on earth. But if Walt knew — and maybe he does from... Read more »