Whoa...Now Your Texting Is Your Newest Stroke-Warning Apps

OK, this sounds like one more of today’s inexhaustible barrage of heath warnings. You know, those bleak reports about our misuse of sugars, salts, trans fats, red meat and assorted other human pleasures. Frankly, I weary of these warnings for they stubbornly squeeze much of the fun left in living. And yet here comes another one ….

Apparently we are now texting more than any other kind of interpersonal communication. The once-upon-a-time letters, telephone calls, and backyard visits are on the fringes of extinction. Talented little fingers now fly over handheld keypads with a gazillion message a day. And while my fingers are neither tiny nor talented enough to join this new legion of chatterers, I have been advised by my cardiologist that some texting can be an early-warning-system for impending strokes.

Just what my over-informed brain circuitry didn’t need to know. And as far as having my own cardiologist, you probably don’t need one. Be glad, but wait another 20 years…

Till then here’s the deal. Several researchers have found that the brain may process texting differently than other forms of communication. How…? I don’t know. Why…? I don’t know that either. I just know my cardiologist points out that a seriously garbled text message may be a warning signal of acute schemic stroke. Yes, the usual signals apply — slurred speech and numbness — but there have been several cases recorded where garbled text messages preceded strokes.

Now here’s the question. Is this news-you-can-use or just more news-you-don’t-really-want cluttering your fear file? Personally, I’d say the latter. Frankly, if I’m going to worry about something new in my life, it’s probably going to be the clutter of digital communicators in it. I mean, aren’t there still times when a person doesn’t need to…want to…or have to “be in touch?” Please text me Yes!

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