Wanna Start An Argument? Just Misuse The Word 'You"

When we use the word “you” in a conversation, we generally mean the person we’re addressing. Often, though,we use it collectively. As in: You Brits, you Texans, you Republicans, you women, you kids, you blacks, you Latinos, you….Well, you get the idea.

No one likes to be bunched together unless it’s in the form of a compliment, say like “Your WWII generation is often called ‘the greatest’.” Otherwise, squeezing our individuality into sum vague totality immediately diminishes us.

But wait a minute.

There must be times when the person you’re addressing must accept certain responsibilities for the totality to which he or she belongs. Be it a religion, a nationality, a race or a community. Which brings Chicagoans like you and me to an uncomfortable dilemma. Although I am me and only me, don’t I bear some obligation to the religion, nationality, race and community to which I belong? I think so.

Which leaves us with a problem we can’t keep ignoring. If my Catholicism continues to plague society with indefensible abortion policies or if my Blackness as projected by my southside community continues to plague society with unrelenting street crime, don’t I need to stand up and be counted…?

I have no prepared words we should speak as we stand, but I sure as hell believe there comes a time when we must stand. Stand with our peers and begin taking some responsibility.

See how easy it was to start an argument…?

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