The Real Reason Americans Keep Adding New Holidays

Just page through you calendar and you see my point. Every few years someone is adding a spanking new holiday to our months. As if we didn’t already have at least one per month [eg. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day] we have added dozens over the last 100 years [eg. Halloween, Fathers Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Bosses Day, Grandparents Day, Groundhog Day].

I have no argument with you if you have no argument with this happy-go-lucky excess. However, I simply can’t let this aberration of abundance go by without at least a modicum of octogenarian bitching. Because of the sheer absurdity to it all. I mean, who really needs Secretary’s Day or Flag Day or for heaven’s sake Good Breakfast Day? The rational answer is no one….!

Aha, but may I layer into my rational bitching this one non-rational thought. Could it be that we slick rational moderns subconsciously crave an excuse for ceremonies? for symbols? for adorations? for making certains days of the year something more than just another quotidian 24-hours of going through the motions?

Could it be we need as many excuses for celebration as our little dull lives can find? I think so. Which is why I think we slick rational moderns are really not as yet over those supposedly primitive gods and religions as we say.

Maybe that’s beause they are actually not meant to be gotten-over.

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