In The Battle Of Mobile Apps vs Permanent Plumbing. The Winner Is ~~~~

Don’t take my word for this. Check with It reports of the world’s 7 billion people, 6 billion now have access to a mobile phone, whereas only 4 billion have access to a working toilet.

I’m not sure how you read those stats, but to me they suggest we’re putting a priority on communication even more than sanitation. I mean toilets are so, well, so basic and uninteresting whereas phones have a gazillion sexy apps. Have you counted them lately? You can photoshop with your phone, you can choose and record anything you want from your newspaper to your phone, you’ve got an app for organizing your notes, your tweets and your most fastidious schedules.

Frankly, as of tomorrow morning you can walk outside your front door with the whole world in your hand. You’re a walking, breathing, clicking power-source that can dream or design or do whatever your little ambitious, avaricious heart desires. All for a few hundred apps bucks a year. Toilet? Who needs toilets when you’ve got apps!

All right, that’s the How. But what about the What? What are today’s apps-happy consumers talking about with each other? Turns out that one of the biggest topics among American women is housework. The social media chatter spikes whenever it comes to today’s employed wives observing their employed husbands “get off Scot free.” [Surveys show while 55% of working wives also do the housework, only 18% of the working husbands so]. To Jessica Grose writing in The New Republic, “cleaning remains the last frontier.”

Sociologists can rattle off arguments for both sides of this domestic debate. Personally, I wouldn’t stick my opinion in that cross-fire for all the mobile phones on the market. I long ago decided that if Joan and I share the same pleasures of the same home, makes sense to share some of the same chores. End of debate.

“Chores?” Now there’s a funny old word you hardly ever hear anymore. Not only from husbands and wives, but especially from children. After all, they’re too busy doing apps rather than doing chores….

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