Ever Have A Nightmare You're Still Back In High School? Well, You Are

So you have a high school reunion coming up soon. Are you anticipating it or dreading it? Probably both. Especially because you know that Billy and Jennifer will be there, and God knows you envied both of them all four years. What will they be like now…?

Those were the years in which you learned to be the person you turned out to be. History and Math aside, what you were really learning is how to be the you you became as an adult. High school does something to us. It was your first social template for acquiring many of your everyday interpersonal skills. There are times when you wish you could live those years over again. Get it right this time. But then you think everyone else probably feels the same way. So when you show up, you’re going to hold in your tummy and wear a big self-condfident smile. Especially around Billy and Jennifer.

We used to think the first three years of life determined much of what and who we would become in adulthood. Seems that psychologists now believe adolescence is our most formative time. The pressures back then buffeted you around like a piece of wet clay stuck in a mix-master. The teachers who never called on you…the kids who never sat with you…the football players and cheerleaders who regularly ignored you….and all those cute guys and gals who you just knew were laughing at your behind your back at the dances.

High school was hell.

Well, at times it was. But this reunion is your chance to shine, to blot out those sticky memories, to let them all know they missed their chance to know you better back then. Because look at you now!

Mixed emotions. That’s what it was like back then, and what it will probably be like when you get there. Just remember, try not to sweat…not to laugh too much…not to joke too much. Be cool. Like the campus studs and starlets were back then. Particularly Billy and Jennifer.

Oh God, I hope they both lost hair and gained weight…

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