Do You Feel Trivial? Some Say It's The Modern American Disease

How could any American ever feel trivial? After all we’re the biggest military/ industrial complex in the world. But after our staggering military abundance, which of our industries are biggest and busiest? It’s the Silicon Valley & Hollywood industries grinding out vast swaths of glittering trivia.

Now don’t get bad at me, I am simply reporting the trivia portion of the GNP. American genius and energy are generating enormously trivial items like 101 new apps about 101 things we can now do that we never needed to do before

…101 trivial new movies and summer blockbusters whose talent and budgets could have just as easily been invested in new schools, hospitals, and highways…101 new TV game shows, reality programs, and experts-talking-to-other-experts newscasts whose combined value to the national conversation can be summed up in the next shout-out at the water-cooler.

Lest we forget, there once was a time when Americans actually made things of size, of status, of substance. When they conquered a continent, built the world’s finest cars and jets, won a hot war against Fascism and a cold one against Communism, and along the way conquered diseases and sent astronauts into the heavens.

Nothing trivial there. Why? My guess is back then we hadn’t yet decided “we’ve arrived.” Instead, we still felt the hunger pangs of a nation that felt it still had “things to do and places to go.” Hungry nations, like hungry teams and religions, rarely have time for trivializing anyting. Least of all themselves.

You may want to think about that next time you go to the local digital toyland to stock up for your summer months….

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