Crazy! Why Do We Look For The Dark In The Dark

Looking for the dark in the dark makes no sense. Or does it? Actually we do it all the time. In the darkness of our ignorance — say about the local election, the tea’s new manager, or the president’s new budget — we just as often look for the additional darkness of a secret conspiracy rather than the light of additional information. Lets face it — conspiracies help me get an easy handle on an otherwise complicated situation I haven’t time to research.

“Your guy is secretly working for the landlords in town…!” “That manager comes with a lot of hidden baggage from his last two jobs…!” “Budget? What budget, that’s a hatchet job for his secret contributors…!”

From the mysterious utterings of the ancient Delphic Oracle, to the coded ramblings of Nostradamus, to the Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to the black powers of the International Rotary, to all those Vatican cabals Dan Brown has revealed, to everything extra-terrestial our government is hiding from us, life on this planet has ricocheted from one dark conspiracy to another. [See me this weekend at the corner saloon and I’ll lay it all out for you.]

You doubt this? A new Pew poll just found that 30% of Americans believe there is “a secret power elite” conspiring to rule the world, and 15% believes the government adds secret “mind-controlling technology” to TV broadcasts. Now do you see why we need our guns to protect us…?

Guns and survival camps are the perfect answers to the threats. If there are vague, hard-to-define conspiracies out there, guns and survivalists are the direct, no-nonsense responses. How does the NRA stand on this? Of their 75-person board of directors, 95% are white and 87% are male. No, that’s not a conspiracy; that’s a cause.

To be fair, the NRA is only one part of a much larger more pervasive mood in our country. A country where once life was so much simpler and touchable, but is now too complex and global. And so the talk of dark conspiracies over that next beer helps some of us get through another dark night.

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