Are You Beautiful...? You May Be And Not Realize It

Beauty is the world’s most sought after yet least secure prize…..!

Women pursue it, men want to own it, celebrities will pay anything to have it, the aged will do anything to keep it. In its name great art is created, great wars are waged, great deceits are perpetrated, and great dreams are dashed. Beauty is more likely the work of hell than of heaven, for humans will pay and do the most inhumane things to acquire it; then call it a gift rather than the possession they have made it.

As with all prizes, beauty is in the misty eyes of the acquisitive beholder. And so what is beautiful to me may be average to you and ugly to others. A strange seductress to be sure. As children we’re unaware of it. As adolescents we’re convinced we will never own it. As adults we struggle to rationalize whatever features we were born with. However we reach for the prize, it almost always seems just beyond our grasp. Someone else almost always looks as if what you wanted, they have.

And so here is yet another of the ironies that plague our little imperfect lives — the curse of a prize which obsesses our dreams while it laughs as it eludes us. The worst of the curse is that even those who have been blessed with it rarely believe it. Really believe they are one of the beautiful people.

Me…? Beautiful…? No, not like the ones on the screen, in the magazines, on the billboards. Nice of you to say it, but really now, have you ever looked at my funny ears!

Rounding out this irony is how so many of the beautiful people years later look back at their pictures and begin to realize something for the first time. Yes, yes I can see it now. I WAS young and beautiful. Only I didn’t dare let myself think so. And now….good lord, I let all those years slip through my fingers!

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