Are There Second Chances In Your Life? Americans Really Like To Think So

America is the original second-chance country. It didn’t slowly emerge over the centuries say like Egypt or France. America pretty much happened overnight as waves of immigrants poured in to find their “second chance.” Our frontier’s favorite card game draw poker makes that very point as each player gets a second chance to draw all new cards in the middle of the game.

Maybe all that is theoretically obvious. Even my history class students would agree. But theory is hardly the same as practice! So here, my friend, is a powerfull way to put this theory into practice in your own life.

Try taking out one of your family photo albums and studying each picture at a time. You and Mom on the playground she used to take you…you and Dad at your first Cubs game…you and your brother that fun Halloween night… you and your prom date and friends all waving at the camera…you and your co-workers at one of the company picnics…you and your children hugging at a party.

In each and every frame there is a remarkably poignant test locked into that scene. Oh, you didn’t think of it as a test at the time. But now — now years and lessons later — study the faces there. Then ask yourself this one commanding second-chance question: “What if I knew then what I know now, how would I have acted differently…?” In other words, if you got a second chance to live those relationships over again — now with the knowledge of their private trials and triumphs that you didn’t have then — what would you do differently?

Here’s a guess from someone who’s tried this. The results would be a slightly better world.

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