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Are You Beautiful...? You May Be And Not Realize It

Beauty is the world’s most sought after yet least secure prize…..! Women pursue it, men want to own it, celebrities will pay anything to have it, the aged will do anything to keep it. In its name great art is created, great wars are waged, great deceits are perpetrated, and great dreams are dashed. Beauty... Read more »

Google's Ray Kurzweill Wants To Live Forever

Kurzweil is a well-published, 65-year-old futurist at Google who intends to live forever. He’s not so much a quack as he is a quasi-scientist who recently told the Wall Street Journal about his plan. And how the rest of us can get in on it. Kurzweill has written extensively about his belief that in time... Read more »

So Tell Me, Exactly How Great Is Glib

‘Glib’ is defined as fluent if not thoughtless with words. Does that remind you of someone…? Give it a little thought and a great many someones will come to mind. The 10 PM news & weather readers … sportscasters… TV interviewers…Access Hollywood & Red Carpet greeters…Bill Maher…Jon Stewart….Chris Christie…and just about any grinning game-show host... Read more »

Crossing This Bridge Of No Return

Have you noticed…? We’re all crossing this same bridge, from diaper to shroud, only we’re each traveling it at a slightly different point along the way. And that, fellow travelers, is one of life’s great ironies. Even though we are all sharing the same bridge, we are each on our own trip. As determined by... Read more »

Quick Before It's Too Late, Think With Your Heart As Well As Your Head

At least ever since a philosopher named Descartes wrote “Cogito Ergo Sum,” there has been a dualistic view of life that says our body and our minds are distinct from one another. Without getting snarled in the ensuing Cartesian dust-up, it’s fair to say this has led to some sloppy thinking. As if when we... Read more »

Drug Free...? Maybe You're Not As Much As You Think

You may not realize it, but there are all kinds of fragrances influencing you throughout your day. Odors, some pleasant some not, that seep into your nose but also your life. And your moods. Take the bracing perfume of backyard gardens or the noxious smells of car exhausts. One exhilarating, the other annoying. A yin... Read more »

Would You Like To See A Re-Run Of Your Dream Last Night? Soon You Will

We all dream. Every night. Some are Hollywood dreams about being rich and famous. Others are Dorothy Gale dreams about being over the rainbow. Still others border on the nightmarish. After we’re awake some of us still keep dreaming as in the case of the $60 billion spent each year on state lotteries. Now a... Read more »

Ever Have A Nightmare You're Still Back In High School? Well, You Are

So you have a high school reunion coming up soon. Are you anticipating it or dreading it? Probably both. Especially because you know that Billy and Jennifer will be there, and God knows you envied both of them all four years. What will they be like now…? Those were the years in which you learned... Read more »

Maybe It's Time For Modern Science To Back Off

Lets begin with the indisputable fact that modern science — especially in the fields of medicine and communication — has been a boon to mankind. But sometimes boon becomes bust when you overplay your hand. I think some of our scientists have. Especially when they start crowding such equally distinguished fields like Religion and the... Read more »

Too Late To Toss Your Smartphones, But There May Be Times You Should

None of us are exactly what we wanted to be…few of us are what we think we are…and even fewer are what we could be…but we try…and this the trying is called life. According to University College of London psychologist Andrew Steptoe, people who try living in social isolation are far less likely to fulfill... Read more »