The Greatest Mystery You Will Ever Live And Never Solve

Book publishers and film producers will tell you that one of the most enduring fan favorites is the mystery. Be it a crime story or a spy story, we love ’em. Why? Probably because they have two of life’s greatest thrills — suspense followed by solution. We are mesmerized by a complex plot that unfolds step by surprising step; then at the very last agonizing moment, our strained expectations are rewarded with some extraordinary solution.

Now let me ask you. Can there be any greater mystery in your life than how you are destined to die…?

No, that isn’t meant to be downer. Just a declaration. Something out there is going to get us, we just can’t be sure what. But what if by some wondrous new algorithm we could? Could statistically project when and how we’re going to check out?

Some people are fascinated with that idea. They invest time, money and worry in trying to pierce the veil. Something like the little dog who furiously chases the car, but then when he catches up to it, what the hell is he going to do with it!

There are those who will tell you you were born with a prescribed number of heartbeats coming. That the story of your life was written in a book from the very beginning of time. Maybe so. However, how many of us would really wish to see that book right here and now? Here and now when each new morning is still a surprise, still a promise, maybe still something you can’t wait to live?

I leave the question to you. If, however, it never occurred to you before…..well, consider the question strictly optional. It is not part of a required test. It is, though, part of a required course.

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