Sorry! If You Actually Believe If-I-Can-Dream-It-I-Can-Do-It, You Haven't Lived Long Enough

There’s a new book out called ‘To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly Of Technological Solutionism’ by Evgeny Morozov. Its theme is not as far-out as it sounds when you consider just how many apps you’ve added. Each one a solution of some kind to a problem of some kind. HIV? Erectile Dysfunction? Loneliness? Depression? There’s even a promised new pair of glasses which let you see the world as it “should be” not as it is. To quote an ad from Samsung: “Reality? What A Letdown!”

Alright, I sound my cranky old age, but let me assure you life is not simply a series of ‘problems’ to which you find the right app for a solution.’ The mystic, the philosopher, the poet will all tell you something very different: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.”

If that undercuts the optimism of the bold Carp Diem gang, so be it. If that denies the assertive if-I-Can-Dream-It-I-Can-Do-It legions on PBS, so be that too. If you embrace this word ‘mystery’ in all its lyrical versus empirical sense, then you’re on to something. On to the great cosmic secret that you and I are considerably more than our brain circuitry and our gene pool. We are spiritual as well as physical creatures whose origins in some mysterious [aka, inexplicable] way trace back to before the Fiscal Cliffs, the Sixties, Lincoln, the Renaissance, Neanderthal, even the Big Bang.

Does that dare to sound like ‘intelligent design?’ Maybe in Kansas and Mississippi school board meetings it does, but here in a decidedly secular blog network it is simply an invitation to stop chuckling over Vatican plotting and pretensions, televangelist corn and craziness, and instead re-boot your thinking about what makes you you.

Once you do, I’m guessing you’ll eventually come to terms with the remarkable implications of being more mystery than matter. In case you do, don’t hesitate to write. Because I’m working on it too and can use whatever input you have…..

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