OK, So When Is Too-Much-Of-A-Good-Thing True In Your Own life

This warning about excess in our lives has been around ever since, well, ever since there has been excess. Traditionally, it’s the comfort the poor tell themselves when they watch the rich. Envy aside, anyone ever cursed with the blessing of excess knows for themself how this irony can sting.

In the case of Americans, excess has been our way of life from the get-go. I mean, wasn’t this why every new ship from Europe and every covered wagon from the East set out to find their dream of “more” just over that next horizon? More land, more freedom, more wealth, more chances for more.

I probably speak here counter-intutuively. After all, Hollywood, Vegas, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and Silicon Valley all trumpet the great god More. Excess, baby, it’s the name of the game, and it’s time you elbowed your way to a seat at the table!

But what is excess and what does it look like? Everyone has their own dictionary, Here’s mine:


Rock concerts are the pathological peak of the pile what with their volcano of lights, smoke, explosions, writhing dancers, swaying musicians, endless costume changes, oh and the star somewhere in the crowd billed as a singer but whose voice is conveniently lost in the mix. Frankly, I couldn’t tell you if GaGa or Madonna can hit a middle C let alone a high C. And thr Red Carpet gowns and high-ticket sedans function much the same way as each of these excesses comes with more gauzy frills and dashboard glitz than most wearers and drivers know what to do with . Never mind, it’s just knowing I’ve got more than you!


There’s also an excess of words like prescriptions and political editorials. I mean, have you ever read these things in their entirety? The pharmacy gives me more life-threatening details in their facts sheets than my sick body dares to ever try. Same with editorials who seem to say: the more facts, stats and quotes I can crowd into the story the smarter it sounds. Just maybe what newspaper readers need are less bullet points and more actual bottom lines


Lately it would seem the blue-jeaned pantheon from Silcon Valley is generating more apps per year than most customers can fathom in a lifetime. Why more excess? Well, maybe just because they can. Second, I’m guessing because they believe there’s some technical solution to every problem; as if life were not a cosmic mystery but mostly a Rubric Cube. If our apps keep multiplying faster than either our wants or, especially, our needs, who then is in charge of our lives? Our soul or our local apps seller?

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