Looking For A Job? All Of A Sudden Two-Cents Is Worth Six-Figures

Your two-cents suddenly worth six-figures? Nice work if you can get it. But darned if it’s not true.

Pew Research reports that ever since 2007 the number of interviews on cable news channels has nearly doubled. Replacing, you guessed it, live news reports from the field. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox are all doing the same thing. And why not? Cheaper and easier to put together a talk-show than a live-feed from an actual event.

What’s surprising — well, maybe not — is the viewers are accepting it. Now instead of facts they get faces. Instead of coverage they get chatter. Instead of hard news they get soft lips. Self-appointed “experts” expertizing on your time and on your dime.

When people talk about their right to free speech, what they mean lately is their right to pay a cable-news-fee in order to listen to hotheads and blowhards from a Bill O’Reilly to a Morning Joe, from a John McLaughlin to a Jesse Jackson, and from an out-of-office Huckabee to a would-be-in-office Palin chatter long and loud into your nights.

Michelle Bachman and Anne Coulter explaining the world to us….? The networks call this democracy in action. Come on, folks, there’s gotta be a better way. The president of my old Student Council could not only spell but actually define democracy.

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