David Letterman vs Jennifer Lawrence Over Memories

Watching a sentimental Dave interview a kinetic Jennifer the other night, it was clear how age adds something besides pounds and lines. In setting up a clip from her award winning movie, he couldn’t help reminiscing; she couldn’t help coiling. Coiling cat-like on her guest chair as she breezily interrupted his meandering thoughts with her targeted energy.

Look, the longer we live the more memories we accumulate. He had a bunch; like anyone her age, she was more interested in the now.

Memories are a very personal phenomenon. They exist outside time, because be they near or long ago, they float unanchored on the sea of our life. Once they happen, they forever bob there for us either to reel in or to ignore. Ignoring the worst of them can ease the passage; recouping the best of them can glorify it.

Jennifer had little time to recall her few yesterdays [she’s in her 20s]; Dave was more willing to pluck a few tender memories [he’s in his 60s]. Neither was right neither was wrong; they were literally just acting-their-age.

The poets put it this way: “Memory gives us roses even in the middle of winter.” There is no greater tragedy than the curse of Alzheimer’s in which this treasure trove of memories is squeezed dry and barren. That blazing day at the beach when this 6-year-old built eternal sandcastles with mom…that graduation night when last he shared the stars with some of his best friends… that ballroom when across the costumed dance floor he first realized such a person as she was in the same world…elegant dinners, inelegant pizza parties, concerts in the rain, kids in the park, family gatherings, yes even the funerals and cemeteries. Each a memory somewhere just beyond the touch of your hand, yet still within the reach of your heart whenever you need it.

Jennifer, you’re a charmer! Ten years from now you’ll be just as charming and even far more interesting.

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