A Backdoor Peek Into How Your Children May Be Growing Up

At one time in history parents wanted lots of kids to meet the family’s immediate needs. Today, Western parents want less kids, but they want to know as much as they can about their future potential. And so there are scads of IQ, SAT, and personality tests. In using them, today’s informed 21st C parents are intensely interested in their children’s place in the 21st C.

But here may be a more simplistic backdoor peek into your children’s future: The 20th C.

Not all that surprising that a 20th C man might suggest today’s parents look back a little in order to look ahead a lot. Where we come from is very much an integral part of where we and our young children may be heading. And so the Gallup folks decided to take a poll of the “most popular people of the 20th C.” Here, in order of preference, is what they came up with among the general population in America:

Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Dwight D Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, Henry Ford, Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher.

The list can be used in different ways. One way would be to use it as a guide-star. As a point of reference for weighing your children’s personal values in relation to these popular paragons, First — do your children even know these people? Second ~ if they do, do they agree they should be on such a list? Third ~ why?

This is what I mean by a backdoor peek. A simple, informal inquiry between you and your investment into the new century. The results are not guaranteed, but the questions are still worth asking. Not because your children’s answers will tell you much about your new century, but they may about your personal investment(s) in that century.

Pencils poised. Now, can you handle the truth….?

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