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How About Dinner With A Well-Dressed Neanderthal

Can you picture it? You and me at Spiaggia sharing a Florentine pasta and a bottle of vintage Valpollicella with a well dressed member of the long extinct European Neanderthal? We needn’t make any reservations just yet; still, modern biology is excited about their latest accomplishment: De-extinction. Researchers around the world are working on ways... Read more »

If You Can't Get To Madrid, Bring Madrid To You

There’s something special about Madrid. In fact, about most of Spain and its surrounding Mediterranean countries. There is the fabled 2000 year history…classic castles and monasteries…romantic hill towns and sea ports…but mostly the kitchens and restaurants. Spaniards love to eat; in fact they will tell you they often eat to love. What’s high on their... Read more »

Sorry! Here's Why Jesus Wouldn't Join Today's Church

It’s Good Friday, the day when a couple billion Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of that enigmatic Galilean, Jesus. But of all the reflections, few will be about why Jesus may not have joined today’s Church. You see, today’s Church is a million light years away from how this whole thing started. *... Read more »

Lets Imagine A Dinner Between Chicago's Mayor Emanuel And Korea's Kim Jong

If I were planning a dinner meeting between Emanuel and Jong, I’d propose the 4-star Bali HI in Hawaii. You know, geographically midway. And maybe including Dennis Rodman to grease the conversation. But after some martini cordiality, what would these two leaders have to say to one another? Dictators and democratically elected officials don’t have... Read more »

A Sunny Saturday In America ~ Tom Sawyer/Jack Spatafora Style

Saturdays have usually been a good day for kids. To sleep in, to loaf, to play, to waste, to experiment. But as it turns out, American adults know much more about how Tom Sawyer spent his Saturdays than they do mine. We had Mark Twain to record a kid’s Saturday 150 years ago; but 50... Read more »

You'll Never Believe What's Taking Religion's Place These Days

So all right, we all know churches and temples are housing fewer congregations these days. And we all know sports has become the new religion for tens of millions of Americans and West Europeans. Sports helps satisfy our need for community and for a sense of something bigger than ourselves. But have you ever considered... Read more »

Kids Always Want More; After Awhile Parents Usually Want Less

Watch your kids. From the moment , they make their entrance they’re reaching for something. Anything. The habit persists with wanting their toes and their milk to wanting their own tablets and convertibles. It’s part of the human condition, especially the get-me-give-me American version. As we parents age, however, there comes a time when having... Read more »

Honestly Now, Could Your Face Really "Launch A Thousand Ships"

So many faces throughout history have changed history. Maybe even yours. Helen of Troy was from Greece, but when the young prince of nearby Troy stole her beauty away with him, the Greeks angrily launched a thousand warships to get her back. A little later the world’s most powerful man, Caesar, took one look at... Read more »

A Backdoor Peek Into How Your Children May Be Growing Up

At one time in history parents wanted lots of kids to meet the family’s immediate needs. Today, Western parents want less kids, but they want to know as much as they can about their future potential. And so there are scads of IQ, SAT, and personality tests. In using them, today’s informed 21st C parents... Read more »

The Greatest Mystery You Will Ever Live And Never Solve

Book publishers and film producers will tell you that one of the most enduring fan favorites is the mystery. Be it a crime story or a spy story, we love ’em. Why? Probably because they have two of life’s greatest thrills — suspense followed by solution. We are mesmerized by a complex plot that unfolds... Read more »