When Did A Woman's Body Become Public Property

The answer to this question surely traces back to pre-historic times when goddesses were given shape in the form of statuary to worship. The artists and the worshipers both had a say in what their goddesses looked like. Some with multiple heads, eyes, arms and breasts. Inasmuch as the female of the species was deemed more an ‘object’ than a ‘person,’ such thinking seemed to make good sense.

It has taken tens of thousands of years for the male to at last recognize the female as considerably more than s goddess on a pedestal or a receptacle on a bed. The feminine movement in the West [nowhere yet to be seen in much of the Middle East] has at long last uncaged 50% of the human population. Women here now have the vote, the jobs, the power and the status so long denied them by the ignorant arrogance of men.


The movement is still far from fulfilled. To this very day in this very advanced culture, men still gawk whistle, tease, and insult by-passing women as if it is their unalienable right. Step into any bar, conference room, military base, or sports stadium and it’s the same boys-will-be-boys bilge that has been handed down like a sacred chalice by each succeeding generation of men. [‘Chalice’ here defined as the same silly scatological stuff pubescent boys giggled about in school bathrooms among themselves, then blushed whenever caught by the adult mind of say a teacher, a coach, a priest, or anyone with an IQ north of 70!

So what is there about these mighty power-brokers who bestride the world as presidents, prime ministers, studio executives and scholars, yet cannot quite drain themselves of this inherited bucket of snickering bilge when it comes to the beauty — or lack thereof — of the female anatomy? And what is there about the women of the world who, for all their own failings, seem largely immune to this adolescent behavior? I suspect there are as many explanations as there are studies….but maybe, just maybe, it all comes down to this.

Ever since they were born, little boys realized that women had the real power. Starting with the power of motherhood. Could it be big boys are still trying to strike back? And if so, when are we ever going to get over it!

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