Weather, More Than A Daily Forecast; It's Part Of Our Eternal Rhythms

Mark Twain famously quipped, “Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it!” Seems like that’s still true 100 years later. Only with one big difference. Now we have empirical evidence that global climate is changing, and there may only be a small window of opportunity left to stave off a century of wildcat tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and droughts.

Oh come on, that’s a Hollywood disaster movie…! Look, there’s been climate changes before and yet we’re still here! Don’t over-react!

[ A trick question for the skeptics: Was the Sahara Desert always a desert or was it once an island?” The answer is neither. 5000 years ago it was a lush Savannah with a teeming agricultural population. Only one example among scores of how history and lives changed not because of anything we did, but what we didn’t do ].

If you’re like me, you don’t much fret about how climate change is affecting our meteorologists and all their schematics. You do fret about the thousands of people who lost their everyday world in New Orleans, Long Island and Kansas; along with tens of thousands in the South Pacific and in the valleys of China. What they lost is what you and will someday lose — all those tiny, taken-for-granteds by which we and our forefathers have lived and laughed for centuries.

Conside the annual on-schedule tease of another spring in the air, the sure perfume of fresh grown grass, the whoosh of returning April swallows and robins and blackbirds, the stirrings of hard white ground emerging as rich black earth, the on-time expectations of June gardens and crops and bounties, along with the pre-arranged autumnal entrance of October frost in the air and color in the land.

My life like your life happily takes for granted such small yet indispensable rhythms in our climate. How these affect our feelings. Our values. Our lives. Please — whoever or whatever is in charge — don’t mess with this too.

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