Too Loud Can Hurt...Too Green Can Heal

You and I move in a sound-and-sight-around world from the moment we peel off those bed sheets in the morning. Brush your teeth, wash your face, sip your coffee and into the maelstrom you plunge. Ever since the development of the decibel scale in the 1920a, some researchers want to know exactly how and why you respond to your 24/7 sounds and sights.

We’re told the Big Bang actually made no sound at all. However, ever since the cosmos has never stopped making noise. These can range anywhere from the wind gently against your bedroom window to the roar of the daily jets to the acoustical explosion of a rock concert. [When your kids are young, you have to endure a least one of them].

As it turns out, we make most of the noises ourselves. Especially in recent centuries when we have shifted from farms to cities, from work benches to assembly lines. OK, I can live with that, but do I have to live with the guys on screeching motorcycles, the kids in muffler-stripped cars, the ear-splitting Super Bowl halftime, oh and the Rap Music belching out of my neighbor’s house…?

Well, the answer is: Yes. Which helps explain why 17% of Americans have some degree of hearing loss. Fortunately, though, a few years ago an acoustical savior came up with the mute button. For many of us one of modern technology’s grandest gifts. In fact the silence is so comforting there are times I just watch the damn program without turning the sound back on. [This works splendidly in the case of most reality shows].

As for the world’s many sights, these same researchers have found the color green to be among the most pleasing yet energizing in the spectrum. As one of them put it: “It’s not hard to guess why; we associate verdant colors like green with food-bearing vegetation that promise nourishment.” Check any hospital lobby or hallway and you’ll find plenty of paintings and watercolors of rich green land and sea scape’s. Office workers who have access to windows looking out on the green world beyond are consistently more creative and efficient.

Too loud can hurt…too green can heal. Just one more small example of how much in our world we take for granted. We really shouldn’t inasmuch as this time around is our only one.

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