The World's Scariest Conspiracy Theory. And No It's Not A Dan Brown Novel

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. There was that cunning con job by the serpent back in the Garden followed shortly by reports that Cain had done in Abel. Turns out both theories proved accurate. And the beat has gone on ever since. Helen conned the Greeks with her Trojan lover…Cleopatra conned Caesar out of an empire….the papal Borgia’s apparently conned or bedded everything that moved ….Henry VIII, having found his new lover, found ways to con the Pope….the Japanese amassed an entire fleet to conspire against Pearl Harbor…not to mention a bazillion conspiracies spawned and hatched year after ugly year among political power brokers in every world capitol.

But here’s a new thought about an old habit. Have we ever considered there might be a single plot line running through each of these historical conspiracies? A single serial conspirator at work? If so, my vote would be the “mother of all sins” otherwise know throughout the ages as Pride.

Look back on history’s track record. Is there any major crisis or conspiracy you can find in which human Pride was not at work…? I can’t. The Serpent wooed Eve’s pride to become god-like…Cain’s pride turned to the fraternal envy that slew his brother…the Borgia’s, the Monarchies and the Japanese war lords each plotted their bloody agenda driven by the personal passion of Pride. To this day, leaders of all kinds call this driving ambition “dedication” when everyone around them can smell the sulfuric fury of the pride and passion that fuels their crimes.

If we grant that Pride may be the central culprit to most of the world’s evils….can we not also grant that Religion may be the central cure? Be it the ancient Persian and Greek Gods to the one true God of the Bible, is not religion’s central message to humanity: Be not proud but love one another?

Whether it’s been spoken, written or sung, the world’s great religions have consistently called out in us our better and more humble angels. To our great discredit, we have not always listened. And now, when religion’s message towers more essential than ever, the world’s pride grows stiffer than ever. Forgetting the warning:”Pride cometh before the fall.”

So Dan….how about this twist for your next best seller?

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