The Universe Is Made Up Of Stories Not Atoms

If you’re like me, you get tired of all the fuss over Hadron Colliders and Hubble Telescopes. I mean sure our universe is a maze of atoms and stars, however there are times we get distracted from what really counts. And I say what counts most at the end of the day is our story lines not our molecular structures.

If that sounds unschooled and romantic, so be it. You see, I’ve never met a person who found a thick physics textbook more personally fulfilling than even the tiniest love letter. More than being smart, we were made to be appreciated, valued, and if really lucky to be loved. [Even Wanton Foods, the world’s largest fortune-cookie manufacturer, understands this as every year they try make every fortune cookie’s message something personally fulfilling to the sated customer].

OK, if you agree that stories are what makes our world go round, where’s the best place to find them?

At one time the answer was simple and singular — your morning newspaper. These days there is nothing simple or singular about it — there are a bazillion news sources 24/7. Hey, just turn on your screen [desktop, tablet, smartphone] whenever and wherever you are, and you’ve got yourself a parade of problems from gang bangers down the street to asteroids from above, from Oscar back-biting to terrorist bomb-making.

I have this problem. When the morning editions were our main source of the day’s stories, we could at least leisurely turn the pages with a comforting cup of coffee in hand while still in the protective folds of our bathrobe. Now, however, the news stories assault us in full living color, sound and fury. The Internet can bring the stuff right smack into the middle of my kitchen whether I’m ready for it or not.

If this is what they call news-you-can-use, I admit to being impressed. Yet at the same, scared out of my skin. Maybe there’s a place for the old morning newspaper after all…….

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