The Longest Distance Is The Distance Between Your Head And Your Heart

If the title here sounds like a line from out of a CSI episode, you’re wrong. It’s a fact from out of this mystery you and I call: Me.

The head and the heart are all part of the same anatomy, the same me, the same you. However! The head is where our cognitive self lives — our thoughts and ideas. The heart represents our affective self — our instincts, intuitions and emotions. Math, science and technology rise out of our cognitive selves; the fine arts, spirituality and love emanate from out of our affective selves. It’s not a contest. We are both head and heart, and meant to be that way.

But now here’s the intriguing back story.

For millions of years our species has largely depended on our hearts [feeling and worshiping our way through life] until the ancient Greeks and later the French Enlightenment put the emphasis in the West on our heads [thinking our way through life via logic, reason, science and technology]. And a good thing too. Only is it possible we shifted too sharply? We left too much of our heart behind? We’ve become so intellectually proud of what the human mind can achieve [the best & the brightest], we tend to marginalize those who still work with their hands, their feelings, perhaps even with their souls?

Lets put it this way. Fellas like Socrates, Francis of Assisi and Thoreau are not likely to be spotted on any Red Carpets or in any Top Ten lists. The gang at Silicon Valley, NASA, Wall Street and Mayo Clinic are today’s can-do heroes, largely because they don’t let their emotions get in the way. “Get in the way??” What a strange way to marginalize that other half to us!

OK, it’s not an either/or subject. But it IS a challenge to re-think our priorities. To consider re-travelling some of that distance from our heads back to our hearts. Billions of dollars in government grants go to projects in math, science, technology and cures. Great! But is there any room left for matters that are more than simply matter? Are you and not more than what can be seen and measured and priced?

Ask the person who loves you if they don’t agree…………….

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